ProSig EPU

Operating range

— ProSig EPU is an expert planning system for railway signalling and safety systems

— It combines domain-specific planning support with smart drawing functionality

— It manages entire planning projects and ensures their consistency 

Planning with ProSig® EPU

— Basic data setup: plan as-completed, track layout, geo data, topology

— Planning and cabling of lineside equipment: LST/ESTW, ETCS L1/ZBS, ETCS L2

— Creating the planning documentation: layout plans, schematic plans, tabular forms

— Projecting interlocking station logic: track clearance, track routes, flank protection

— Validation of planning data: domain validation rules, automatic plan synchronization

— Export and transfer of planning data : hardcopies, data interfaces

— Migration of existing projects: data transfer from ProSig® Classic

— Preparation of future planning requirements: BIM, 3D, digitial interlocking station