Track layout planning

The track set forms the basis of signal technology planning. It is normally provided in paper form (or scan), as vector graphics or as an export from route planning programs.

ProSig®contains all required functions for capturing the track set, with the option of only updating the planning sections of relevance for the planning.

  • Insertion of simple track switches, crossings and diamond crossings with automatic alignment
  • Design of curved turnouts with automatic alignment and establishment of the parameters for main line and side line radii
  • Option of subsequent changing of track parameters by taking over already entered attributes
  • Automatic tangential connection for track design of straight or curved tracks
  • Distance determination along the centre of the track
  • Creation of shunting limit signals by means of calculation, surveying or direct positioning
  • Insertion of track terminations and track markings with automatic alignment
  • Interface to the Card/1 routing system


The following is available in symbol libraries:

  • Track terminations and track markings
  • Routing arrows
  • Point drives