General support expands the functionalities presented by the AutoCAD® basic system and simplifies the execution of planning-dependent routine tasks.


  •     Changing attribute properties
  •     Checking attribute allocations
  •     Automatic attribute allocations
  •     Copying attribute allocations
  •     Conversion of attributes to text
  •     Searching attribute values

Service functions

  •     Rail distance determination
  •     Creation of bills of material
  •     Object release
  •     Change documentation
  •     Text execution as script


  •     Focused insertion of user defined blocks with slide previe


  •     Parallel design to reference objects
  •     Tangential connection of lines and curves
  •     Simplification of poly lines


  •  Hiding, displaying, unfreezing, freezing, blocking, unblocking, implementation  and colour selection of layers through the selection of objects
  • Saving and restoring of complex layer configurations, taking into consideration external references

Simple plotting support guarantees a uniform layout of created planning documentation


  •     Creation of plot frames with inserted text fields
  •     Visualisation of plot sections in the drawing
  •     Matching of plot frames in case of changes of plot sections