Signal system and overview plans

In ProSig® signals are inserted with the aid of the signal generator. Presentations of all normal signal systems are saved in symbol libraries.

The entire structure of a signal is determined by the user by means of a combination of individual signal components.

Signal bridges and signal booms can be created in different dimensions.

All additional elements of the safeguarding layout and overview plan for train control and rail clearance signals are available in ProSig® in the form of symbol libraries.


The following is available in symbol libraries:

  • Axle-counter, rail contacts and wheel sensors
  • Track magnets and speed monitoring devices
  • Feed-in and feed-out 100Hz/FTG
  • Location transponders
  • Hazard alarm systems
  • EOW elements
  • Key interlocks and shunt areas
  • Insulated rail joints
  • Wire transmission lines