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ProSig® is the centerpiece of the WSP Infrastructure Engineering GmbH software family for planning and projecting signalling systems, cabling systems and cable ducts. It is employed with great success as a planning support tool for railway signalling and safety systems by planning offices, industry trains, in research and teaching as well as in the infrastructure department of the Deutsche Bahn, where it is the de facto standard software.


BIM in railway signalling and safety system planning - SIGNALLING + DATACOMMUNICATION 9/2019

Since the launch of 13 pilot projects which were co-sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in 2017, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been introduced as a standardisation initiative and a future working and design method for railway transportation at Deutsche Bahn AG (DB). BIM has especially become the standard in infrastructure projects involving railway stations. In other fields, such as railway signalling and safety systems (RSS), this process seems to be well organised, when viewed from above. Once back down on earth, however, the situation appears less structured and conclusive at the operative planning level than a multitude of PowerPoint slides about this topic might suggest.

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WSP Infrastructure Engineering GmbH at the 3rd SRSS and the TU Darmstadt’s ETK

WSP Infrastructure Engineering GmbH was present as a sponsor at the 3rd Scientific Railway Signaling Symposium and the Symposium on Railway Engineering (German: Eisenbahntechnischen Kolloquium, ETK) on 26 and 27 June 2019.

Christine Weigel and Silja Beck were available to answer visitors’ questions regarding the company’s range of services and the software ProSig®.

The events of the Institute of Railway Engineering of the TU Darmstadt are held each year in early summer as a part of the Darmstadt Railway Symposia. This year’s theme of the SRSS, which focuses on Railway Signaling and Safety Systems, was “More traffic on the tracks by means of digitalization?! What can Railway Signaling and Safety Systems contribute?”; the motto of the ETK, which targets railway operations, was “More traffic on the tracks?! Capacity increase within the current network”. Numerous lecturers from the industry presented current situations and ideas for the future.

63rd Railway Technology Symposium

On 24.01.2019 the 63rd Railway Technology Symposium took place in Leipzig under the direction of the VDEI academy. The approximately 190 participants, amongst which were also several WSP Infrastructure Engineering GmbH colleagues, experienced a versatile program with the topic “The future of LST planning”. WSP was represented by the technical lecture “Planungssystem ProSig®7 EPU für die Leit- und Sicherungstechnik” (Planning system ProSig®7 EPU for railway signaling and safety systems), which was presented by Christine Weigel and Kai Zahlmann in an interesting and informative manner.

In the exhibition area, a WSP stand, amongst others, offered an opportunity for the participants to become familiar with the companies and their respective service range. In accordance with the lecture, there were many detailed questions and interesting discussions regarding the current version of ProSig.

The symposium was rounded off by an “Interdisciplinary sector dialog with an evening buffet”, which invited to a common discussion and intensive networking.

20 years of ProSig®

The ProSig® planning system has been proving its worth ever since its first official use at Deutsche Bahn in 1998 and has evolved from a structured drawing tool into an expert system for the planning of railway signalling and safety systems. Domain-specific functions are interactively operable through a CAD interface and generate the relevant planning output in high quality.  

We like to thank our customers and users for 20 years of loyalty and we are looking forward to further constructive cooperation. 

The ProSig Team

New product line ProSig® 7 EPU at InnoTrans 2018

At InnoTrans 2018 we are presenting our new product line ProSig® 7 EPU.

Visit us at the trade fair in Berlin, from September 18th through September 21st 2018 - Hall 5.2 | Stand 531  Learn more

Besides our previous version ProSig® 6 Classic we are now making available an expert system for railway signalling and safety planning. ​​Learn more

ProSig Conference 2018

Thursday 22.02.2018 and Friday 23.02.2018 our customer conference has taken place in Fulda, and a lot of people has watched the go-ahaed of ProSig® 7 EPU.