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ProSig® is the centerpiece of the WSP Infrastructure Engineering GmbH software family for planning and projecting signalling systems, cabling systems and cable ducts. It is employed with great success as a planning support tool for railway signalling and safety systems by planning offices, industry trains, in research and teaching as well as in the infrastructure department of the Deutsche Bahn, where it is the de facto standard software.


Fachartikel im Eisenbahningenieur 01/23: ETCS Planungsprojekte im Kontext BIM

Den neuen Fachartikel von Volker Uminski (Leiter Softwareentwicklung ProSig), Wahid Fazelly (Kundenberater und International Sales, IB&T Software GmbH) und Jens Bartnitzek (Fachbereichsleiter Forschung A+S Consult GmbH) in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Fachzeitschrift DER EISENBAHNINGENIEUR finden Sie hier.